How I dry My Brushes

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This is part deux of “How I laundry my brushes” entry. As I discussed in that post, I utilized to just lay my brushes flat to dry them after they’ve been washed. however with development in the technology of makeup clean care, I have improved my methods!

First up, my eye shadow brushes. I discovered this nifty art clean holder at the dollar store:

L: side view, R: top view
In the marketing images, the art brushes are placed with the bristles dealing with up for storage, however for the function of drying my brushes, I deal with them down – however with clean guards protecting the bristles. This is key. Don’t just put the brushes dealing with down as well as smooshing the bristles. The function of drying my brushes with the bristles dealing with down is to let gravity do a few of the work: it avoids wetness from getting trapped in the ferrule (the metal part of the brush, where the bristles are glued in place).  If wetness gets trapped in the ferrule, it can weaken the glue as well as cause the hairs to autumn out.  With this clean holder, I can in shape 49 eye shadow brushes, as well as the whole set up can be taken apart totally for compact storage.

Brush guards likewise are available in useful for travel.
Speaking of Brush Guards – they’ve been a lifesaver for preventing the clean hairs from splaying as well as keeping the clean head shape appearing like new.  I slip one guard on each clean after I laundry them, moving down from the deal with onto the bristles.  I have a range of sizes from the original clean Guards – the plastic they utilize is thicker than the inexpensive knock-offs so they retain their shape better. I’ve had mine for many years as well as they’re certainly worth the investment.  If you absolutely decline to purchase clean guards, you can always wrap strips of paper towel around each brush head while they’re wet.

To dry my larger brushes (blush, powder, foundation), I utilize the fantastic Benjabelle clean Tree:

L: side view, R: top view
This thing is godsent.  It is well made as well as well designed.  I have the original model, as well as at minimum, it can hold 14 brushes.  It can likewise hold several smaller brushes per opening.  The silicone openings grip the brushes securely, while having sufficient flex to enable the brushes to slide out with simplicity for removal.  The body of the clean tree is made from a thick durable plastic – I have this in black however it is likewise offered in white as well as pink.  I have nothing poor to state about the Benjabelle clean Tree – at $35 USD it may seem expensive, however for me, keeping my brushes in tiptop shape is worth it.  There are other designs offered to fit different needs – I’ve even bought a few for my buddies as gifts!  The contraption can be quickly collapsed and kept flat.

A part of my brushes still get the ol’ lay down on a towel to dry technique – primarily my stubby kabuki brushes – because they don’t in shape into the clean tree:

Those are absorptive microfibre dishcloths I purchased particularly for this purpose.
I prop a rolled up towel on one side so the brushes lay at a small downward angle (around 160°) to assist water run down the bristles as well as away from the ferrules.  I let the brushes dry overnight as well as many are prepared for use by morning.

There you have it, exactly how I laundry as well as dry my brushes.  I hope this has provided you some ideas.  What’s your technique to dry your brushes?


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