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I may have discussed before that I’ve got sensitive skin.  This applies not only to my face but also to my body.  I get random contact dermatitis and hives fairly frequently.  In fact, I’m actually allergic to an ingredient that is expected to help with skin irritation and healing: bacitracin.  This ingredient is found in common topical ointments such as Polysporin / Neosporin.  I’ve been wanting to find an alternative if I ever needed something to help heal my skin.  I stumbled upon Bioderma Cicabio Crème:

In English it reads: Soothing Repairing cream for irritated damaged skin. sounds promising.  I kept this unopened until I had an opportunity to try it out recently.

I received a Fitbit band last Christmas from the SO, which I happily slapped on my wrist on Boxing Day and wore without event until sometime in June.  I had all of a sudden developed a rash around the circumference of my wrist, where the band touches my skin.  I attempted several times to start wearing it again but I kept getting the rash.  I washed the band, disinfected it, but still didn’t help. It was suggested that possibly it was due to the warmer weather because I’d been wearing it without any issue from December all the way to June – so I ceased wearing the Fitbit for the summer.

Just this week, I attempted to wear the Fitbit again but, after wearing it for 24 hours, I developed this welt around my wrist:

It might not be obvious in the photo, but not only was my skin red, it was actually swollen and felt warm to the touch, like a hive, and it was itchy.  This is what the wrist looked like after I had removed the Fitbit band for 12 hours already.  I left it off thinking the redness would just disappear on its own, but it did not.  There’s no mistaking it, it wasn’t the warm weather: I’ve developed contact dermatitis to the Fitbit band.

It was time to test out the Bioderma Cicabio Crème ($15.95 for 40ml – available at consumers drug Mart).  Its indications are:
• minor skin damage: superficial peeling, non-abrasive laser treatment, as follow-up to dermatological procedures on medical orders
• dry skin: irritation, redness, overheating, scaly areas, etc.
The 2 essential active ingredients are: zinc oxide and copper sulfate.  The other noteworthy ingredients include glycerin, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid.

I applied a small around directly onto the affected skin.  The texture is similar to other ointments – slightly greasy but it absorbed into the skin readily.  There wasn’t any strong fragrance – it just smelled like… ointment.

I’m impressed! My welt stopped itching about 10 minutes after application, and the redness went down after about an hour:

I can definitely characteristic the cream to improving my skin because before I applied it, I had left my wrist for 12 hours without any intervention and the welt remained red and irritated – whereas with the application of Bioderma Cicabio Crème, my skin calmed down quite quickly.  I applied the Bioderma twice a day as instructed and the redness was gone by the third day.  I’ll be keeping this tube useful for any future skin healing needs!  My tube expires Oct 2017:

What do you use to help heal skin irritation?  Do you have skin allergies?  I’m kind of bummed that I can’t wear my Fitbit anymore.  I’ll have to see if there are alternative ways to wear it, or another kind of band.


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