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I discussed in my recent Misc. Makeup Purge publish that I have sufficient MAC empties to Back to MAC. I’ve been saving these because last year as well as I really have sufficient for two items! (6 empties = 1 product)  Here’s what will be going back to MAC:

Clockwise from upper left hand corner:
1) studio Sculpt Defining Powder (review here)
2-3) Cleanse Off Oil (2)
4) Tendertone in hot ‘n’ Saucy (shown here)
5) Fluidline in Ostentatious
6) pro Longwear Concealer in NC20 (shown here)
7) In extreme dimension Mascara
8) Lipgelée in Moistly
9) Paints in Magrittes
10) Prep+Prime transparent completing Powder (mentioned here)
11) Mineralize Skinfinish natural in medium (shown here)
12) Cremeblend blush in Something Special

In Canada, we have the choice of trading for either a lipstick, Lipglass or an eye shadow at stand-alone MAC stores. I dislike MAC’s Lipglasses so I’m not redeeming for that. because I get to select two items, why not get one of each of a lipstick as well as an eye shadow?  Similar to the last time when I redeemed for a MAC lipstick (I ended up with celebration Line), I’d like your input on what I ought to get!

Lipstick options

• take on (satin) – pink-beige with white pearl
• Crosswires (cremesheen) – clean pinky orange
• Fanfare (cremesheen) – mid-tone yellow pink
• Ravishing (cremesheen) – clean light peachy coral
• half ‘n half (amplified creme) – creamy pink

• quick Play (amplified creme) – Neutral pink
• Mocha (satin) – peachy yellow-brown
• Craving (amplified creme) – burst of plum
• Brick-O-La (amplified creme) – mid-tone berry
• Dubonnet (amplified creme) – deepened claret

I had the very first 3 shades in my last round of Back to MAC options. I’m paying more attention to the surface of the lipsticks this time around around – no Lustres, Glazes or Mattes. I’m primarily focusing on Amplified Cremes, Creamsheens as well as Satins.  The very first set of 5 shades are colours for summertime time, as well as the second set of 5 are much more autumn shades. feel totally free to suggest shades I haven’t listed!

Eye shadow options

• Soft brown (matte) – soft golden peachy-brown
• Antiqued (veluxe pearl) – ash brown with bronze
• Coppering (veluxe pearl) – orange copper
• Smut (velvet) – soft black with red shimmer

• Malt (matte) – soft pinkish-beige
• Haux (Satin) – soft soft rosy brown
• Nocturnelle (frost) – pinked-up chrome purple
• Plumage (matte) – dusky peacock

I have soooo numerous eye shadows, the chances are that I’ll have shades similar to many of the above, however what the heck, the much more the merrier. Again, if there’s a shade that you believe I may like as well as it’s not listed, please share! My preferred MAC completes are Veluxe Pearl, Frosts, as well as Mattes.

I’m planning on going this Sunday so please let me understand your thoughts before then! say thanks to you!


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