Burberry nail polish No. 200 Steel Grey

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considering that the weather is turning a bit cooler, I thought I’d finally wear this polish which I gotten in January during one of my crazy no-holds-barred hauls:

Steel Grey caught my eye because of its greige tone and golden shimmer.

And let’s be frank, that Burberry packaging suckers me in every time.

The full name of this polish is Burberry icon Colour nail Polish.  I’m shocked that this isn’t called a nail Varnish or Nail Lacquer considering that that’s what all the high-end brands prefer… nail polish is so, pedestrian.

The outer cap removes to reveal a plastic cap that’s much much easier to handle.

The colour is quite eye catching in the bottle – the base is a neutral grey, but it is warmed up by a golden shimmer so the overall colour registers as an olive-y grey.

The formula is a bit goopy but I didn’t experience issues with the formula. It is nearly a one coater.

A second coat evened out everything, but where did the shimmer go?!!

This polish reeled me in with the fine golden shimmers as evident in the bottle. part of my brain already knew that the shimmer wouldn’t register as strongly on the nails but I still had to try it for myself.

Yup, the shimmer is non-existent on the nails. I really must listen to my brain more, huh.

The hidden shimmers are somewhat evident under certain lights.

Despite the case of the missing shimmers, it’s still a very elegant looking polish.  My coworkers gushed over how this colour looked on me. I felt the colour was just ok – nothing extremely unique.

Similar to fivezero, I found the brush to be lacking. The blunt shape isn’t the best to nestle against the nail bed. The width was also problematic – I had to turn the brush sideways to apply to my pinkie fingers.  Also, I found the nylon material Burberry used to create the brush to be a bit stiff and dragged the polish slightly during application.

And to add insult to injury, I experienced significant chipping.

The random item today is a mechanical pencil that I picked up in an Asian stationary store nearby.

It has a poop-shaped topper and reads:


This polish is made in Luxembourg, which is apparently a hub for nail polish manufacturing now.

This costs C$23 for 8ml.  This bottle nearly feels like a tiny nail polish rather than a full sized bottle – it’s quite deceptive with the big metal cap on. This is the only Burberry nail polish I own, and I’m unlikely to get another unless they revamp the brush and give me a lot more than 8ml! given there are so lots of nail polish options out there, both high-end and lower-end – I’m not too sad about not getting a lot more Burberry polishes.

Do you have any higher end branded nail polishes? Did they deliver on expectations?

*  And “crazy shit” is also quite apropos for today. This isn’t a political blog, but I want to wish all my American readers a good election Day. Please go out to vote!  I truly hope everything will turn out well.


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